An Unwavering Passion For Helping Our Fellow Texans

A native of San Antonio and the surrounding area, attorney Samantha Demory started her legal career litigating real estate and landlord-tenant disputes. Her interest in long-term financial wealth building became a passion for real estate investing.

The founder of our law firm opened up Demory Law Office PLLC in 2015 to help current and potential business owners and individuals explore available short- and long-term business systems and protections.

A Universal City Lawyer Committed To Clients And The Community

Specific areas of our practice include:

Recognizing the rising cost of litigation, Samantha Demory has a keen interest in fiscal responsibility for our clients. As a certified mediator, she finds resolution for disputes at her law office and the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center.

Samantha Demory's commitment to helping her clients is matched by her dedication to serving the local community. She believes that helping her local residents increases her passion for helping our fellow Texas residents succeed.

Legal Help For Our Fellow Texas Residents

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