Our Hi-tech technology facilitates students with Video Library which helps to Revise & Understand Subjects wise, Chapter wise concepts taught by our Professors. It helps students to strengthen their concepts on the go as per their requirements. JEE Advanced 2015 paper was the toughest JEE ever since the IIT JEE Paper of 2005 and tougher when compared with even the subjective papers of previous years. The most coveted institute, IIT Bombay has indeed proven itself by setting a new standard to the JEE Advanced 2015 paper. JEE is divided into two exams- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. So, amongst these three exams, JEE Advanced is the toughest one to crack, NEET being the intermediate one and the JEE Mains is the easiest of three to crack. Out of the 43,204 students who managed to clear the exam this year, only 6,707 are girls.

There have been many average students who cleared JEE with good ranks. Look, clearing IIT JEE is not an easy task and it cant be measured on any scale of brain power. The common belief amongst engineering aspirants is that one has to score very high marks in JEE Advanced. So, one should be extremely talented in order to qualify. But, in reality it is not a tough exam and you do not need to score high marks.

We have open house sessions quarterly where parents get an opportunity to interact with our faculty and air their concerns. They are kept in sync with their children’s performance throughout the year. So, when you are looking for the colleges that you can get at such great percentile, I don’t know why but I feel you can slip into NIT. But don’t expect the top NITsif you are planning to choose CSE. As far as cutoffs of NITs are concerned,if you want admission in top 10 NITs ,then your rank should be less than 20k I.e. 175 normalisation marks I.e. 175 marks in JEE Main and 93% in CBSE boards.

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So when it comes to preparations for the competitive engineering entrance exams, it is very important to select the best IIT JEE Coaching Class in Vasai to ensure success. “One requires having the syllabus at their fingertips before appearing for the exam. Focused training and tests series of varying difficulty are critical. I have a strategy to manage the time and pressure during the exam and get over the psychological pressure”, Vedang said. IIT Ranker Vedang won a gold medal in a science competition. He started to aim for engineering when one of his cousins joined engineering.

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Similarly, your entrance exam is a treasure and you need to plan out your time table and stick to it. I am totally satisfied by giving my 4 valuable years to Arihant Carmel. They not only take care of the students inside the campus but also outside the campus. We conduct regular counselling sessions for students as well as parents in order to ensure that there is no stress either on students or parents.

Keshav Agarwal has bagged AIR – 5 in JEE Advanced exam. IIT Ranker Keshav started preparing for IIT entrance when he was in class 9. To start preparing for engineering, one should first focus on their own ability rather than worry about what others are doing.

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Most students end up spending excessive time on difficult questions and hence lose out on otherwise easy questions. You need to know the right time required to stop slogging over a question. Estimating how much time to spend on each question, or each section for that matter, is something you can learn immensely by taking mock tests. And as you keep solving more papers, your judgment gets better and so do your chances of completing the actual exam in time. Because in coaching they were teaching in 100 hours from my lectures you’ll finish it fast If some people are doing like this then why aren’t you utilizing it?

Girls, however, performed better this year as compared to 2019 when out of the total 38,705 candidates who cleared the JEE Advanced 2019 exam, 5,356 were female candidates. 11th & 12th class NCERT books on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology cover the entire syllabus of NEET. You should also study reference material and practice with NEET Mock Tests.

Though talking about the IIT JEE, the level of the exam is tough as the competition is very high. But for this you should have above 70% in 12th and above 99 percentile in JEE MAIN. You can achieve this percentile by studying in smart ways, taking test and improve. You have to study in smart and disciplined ways, solve last 5 years questions pepers to know the pattern of exams . YES, IIT-JEE IS A TOUGH EXAM. Without studying and preparation not even IIT JEE but a class test can be tough. Studying regularly and dividing the topics can be helpful to make the things easy.

These institutes are the premier institutes of India conferred with the status of institutions of National importance. Engineers also continuously work for advancement of technology including electronics, space research, telecommunications, super computers and many more. This discipline of science works tirelessly for betterment of human life.

Our study material is well-researched, updated, and easy to use which is available for all subjects and not available in the book stalls. This is till date hailed as the world’s toughest examination. No, if you take admission in Manipal college then JEE Main marks doesn’t matter. In order to https://base-ac.in/ take admission in NITs/IIITs and GFTIs JEE Main marks matters. To take admission in IITs you have to qualify JEE Main exam first. Some good private colleges also consider JEE Main marks to provide admission. Starting an early preparation of the exam is the first step to crack JEE Main 2020.