You can have multiple sound input devices connected to your computer, but they can’t all be the active default at the same time. If your Razer Kraken microphone isn’t working, it might be because another microphone is set as the primary for your system. The Razer Kraken V3 Pro is undeniably the best headset of the Kraken family, as it should be given its expensive price point. It has everything I love from the standard V3, addresses the issues I didn’t like about it, and adds all the features from across the product range. But with that comes some issues that are unique to the Pro, like the overly cluttered left earcup and not being able to use the headset while charging it.

The Push-to-mute also works the same way, but you can just press a button to mute or unmute desktop audio. In the Output Mode dropdown, choose Advanced to switch from the Simple settings. In this mode, we will only focus on the Streaming tab and leave the rest for later. In the OBS Setting window, you will see the General settings first. However, there is not much for you to adjust in the General settings. My OBS installation never shows that entry, i can’t find where to enter it.

The best example of this was our preview at a busy convention center; we were able to record crystal-clear chat despite the hubbub all around us. Mic monitoring, also known as sidetone, is a feature that allows you to hear your own voice through your headset. This can be used to make sure your own microphone is transmitting clearly to other players rather than jumbling or cutting out. It can also keep you from accidentally shouting over the loud sounds in your headset. The headband on the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 pushed down with too much pressure to recommend, and we experienced a multitude of problems in our listening tests.

How to Make Your Microphone Sound Professional in OBS

Below, you will find the browser versions supported by our system. Update your browser to the latest version to ensure that you complete your assessment without technical issues. You can also check to make sure your video drivers are up to date. If they’re not, updating them may clear up issues. Check if your camera works with another calling app . These apps use different technology than huddles and calls in Slack, so if issues persist, that may indicate a hardware issue with your camera.

  • In the Recording Audio wizard, select Next and follow the prompts.
  • Whatever is displayed on the OBS Studio preview window should now appear on Zoom.
  • Just like the headphone test done on the Sound Control Panel, you can also check if your microphone is properly working with your PC from the control panel.

If there is another level called Boost, you can also try to increase it to your preference. Boost helps to amplifies the input of your mic to pick up even more sound. It’s useful if your Mic’s volume is still too low even when its volume is set 100. It works effectively on both mobile devices and Windows PC.

Solution 6: Control microphone sensitivity in Discord

If you are using a headset make sure that your attempts at communicating are clear and avoid situations where your voice is too loud for everyone else when you’re gaming. Plug the colored audio jacks into the corresponding ports on your computer’s sound card. Some headsets have only a green jack and a pink one, while others have green, orange, pink and black jacks. Mic monitoring is one of the handiest options we have today for playing games in groups.

Plug out the Xbox headset cable completely, wait for a couple of minutes and plugin again. Switching off the power can reset the settings and get your mic working again. Read on to find how you can solve this issue in a few easy steps. Plugging the Xbox One console into a power socket can sometimes resolve performance issues. I find that blowing on the microphone and fiddling with connectors will sometimes fix the problem.