The connection anywhere between freedmen otherwise freedwomen in addition to their patron is actually an excellent personal one to

Diophantus); their son, yet not, is simply Marcus Turpius, kid of parece regarding father, mother, and you can boy into a keen epitaph off Terruggia near Asti for the north-western Italy code this new level for the standing contained in this a few generations: C. Fulvius C. l. Philologus / Pulfennia T. f. Sabina, uxor / C. Fulvius C. f. Pol. Sabinus, Wlius.46 Philologus was a great freedman, his girlfriend Sabina are freeborn, the man Sabinus is called as boy regarding Fulvius, of one’s voting region of Pollia, along with full citizen’s voting liberties. (more…)