This is actually the dialectics of your meeting between corporal love and you may spiritual like from which Sufi love flow from

The human body becomes a feature into the production of the fictional framework of your own put, a strange and you can lyrical aspect of one’s interior that is reflected about additional place reproducing it based on a unique mode. Contained in this sense, poetry ‘s the imaginary dimensions one recreates the exterior industry in respect with the interior particular the blogger. The new Sufi develops the new macrocosm within his system, the microcosm, feeling their body, already transparent through the effectation of brand new creativeness, because the brand-new and you will primitive world of the fresh new possible. In the world of the ideal the brand new spiritual is materialised and you will the material are spiritualised, which is only obvious into eyes of the imagination The microcosm (the human body), experienced as the formable description, will get anteriority of your own put, of your universe.

Aforementioned saves a near connection to this new fictional host to the transparent body. (more…)