South-Asian guys dating Ebony girls; your views?

The title is pretty self explanatory.

Exactly why I asked is because i will be a 16 yr old black colored female Londoner, and had been particular i did not discriminate whenever it stumbled on ethnicity and dating, but we never truly saw myself by having a South Asian man, so I suppose we unconsciously dismissed them. This is certainly ended up being all I absolutely fell head over heels for before I had work experience in the hospital for three days, and met this AMAZING Indian doctor who. He had been therefore charismatic, bright, considering, caring, smart; the list continues on. And a lot of importantly, he had been a doctor that is amazing. And unexpectedly, increasingly more Asian dudes are becoming more popular with me, *surprisingly*.

Therefore, easily put; if you should be a South-Asian man, can you start thinking about dating a black colored woman? If you should be not, maybe you have ever witness couples that are such?

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why is that most this forum is filled with is ‘would you date a girl/guy that is black or even the same however with ‘white’!

individuals like various things, some will date people that are black some simply dont believe it is since appealing as white people!

She’s asking about S.Asian males, maybe perhaps not people that are white . (more…)