Cops raids was social and you will high-reputation displays from the Nazi strategy facing homosexuality

Regarding middle- so you can later 1930s, the authorities raided bars or other conference places that they believed getting popular with homosexual boys. Law enforcement install cordons to pubs or other towns and cities, and you will asked anyone who checked doubtful. Males trapped inside raids might be put out in the event that truth be told there was no proof facing them. The individuals which the authorities considered guilty might possibly be tried getting violations off Paragraph 175 otherwise, in some cases, sent directly to a focus camp.

As a result of raids, law enforcement endangered and intimidated gay organizations and people. Although not, raids were not such as for instance productive. They certainly were not the key mode by which the police monitored off boys for alleged violations regarding Paragraph 175.


The fresh Kripo while the Gestapo made use of resources otherwise denunciations out of the general public to collect details about men’s room sexual lifestyle and you may discover possible violations regarding Part 175. A neighbor, acquaintance, associate, buddy, otherwise cherished one you can expect to modify the police of the suspicions. The language someone found in denunciations will make it clear these particular Germans tended to trust Nazi attitudes towards homosexuality. Denouncers regarded the individuals it denounced due to the fact “effeminate,” “unmanly,” and you can “depraved.” In place of raids, denunciations was in fact an effective equipment out-of repression. Such serves led to perhaps several thousand arrests and you can beliefs.


Brand new Gestapo and you will Kripo interrogated males trapped in the raids, including the individuals denounced. (more…)