Save Time And Money Through Mediation

Litigation is costly and time-consuming. When it comes to family law matters, a trial can be particularly complex and emotionally charged. Children are often placed in the middle of their parents’ child support, child custody and visitation disputes. In the end, the overall costs often rival the money outlaid to send three children to college.

However, options exist outside of a trial that is more efficient and effective while saving you money.

Exploring All Alternatives Towards Resolving Your Legal Matter

Attorney Samantha Demory is a certified mediator who is committed to finding resolution through negotiating divorce and commercial disputes. She is skilled in bringing parties together and finding a middle ground that neither side thought existed.

The founder of our law firm has 15 years of experience in accounting for her mother’s property company in Texas. That background helps her sort through marital and business assets that involve multiple properties. She employs creative and effective strategies to specifically resolve real estate-related disputes.

At Demory Law Office PLLC, we have space specifically tailored for business-related and family law mediation sessions. The layout allows our clients to negotiate face to face or from separate rooms. Additionally, we have three staff members fluent in Spanish.

Litigation Is Not Your Only Option. Contact A Mediator Today.

While a trial may be inevitable, explore the option of mediation. For help, call Demory Law Office PLLC at 210-647-6033. You can also reach a lawyer and mediator at our Universal City-based law firm by filling out our online intake form