Helping You Start Your Real Estate Investment Career

Investing requires careful planning. Part of those plans may require an additional investment in legal services to protect your assets. Having an experienced real estate attorney at your side can make the difference between success and failure.

Regardless of the condition of the investment property you are purchasing or wholesaling, Samantha Demory will attend to every detail of the transaction.

Legal Steps To Get You Started In The Right Direction

At Demory Law Office PLLC, we identify strategies to purchase properties subject to liens and other issues. As with any other aspect of real estate investment, risks exist. While we will do everything we can to resolve any problems, we can proactively counsel you on the positives and negatives of buying properties with issues.

One of the largest markets for investors looking to buy or put under contract also presents challenges in getting title insurance. Those obstacles include homes with tax or homeowners’ association (HOA) liens on them or difficulty in finding the property owner or one of the co-owners.

The initial purchase is only the beginning of the process. Following the closing of a commercial or residential real estate transaction, ongoing legal counsel is beneficial. Wholesalers need buyers. Property owners and landlords need help with establishing a business entity and drafting a will.

Take Proactive Steps To Secure And Protect Valuable Assets

For help from a Texas-based real estate lawyer committed to your success, contact Demory Law Office PLLC in Universal City by filling out our online intake form. You can also reach us by calling 210-647-6033.